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A Platform for A.I. Recovery Cyrpto & Indices Option

C.P.O is a team of seasoned Indices option & cryptocurrency trading professionals that has mastered the small crosses that makes a massive difference in indices option & crypto markets. CSS Option Corp as a company holds a 120-member staff, experienced in the nitty-gritty of everyday cryptocurrency Option trading. Our combined experience is a cornerstone to our stellar wins.

Our Advance Expert

The Advance Option A.I Robot Trader

Crypto Currency Option

Indecis Option

Commodity Option

Gold Option

The 0 Risk Investment Solution


1.8% ~ 8.0%

Dividend Pay out

0.30% ~ 0.50%

A.I. Recover Fund


Fixed Dividend upon 200% Dividend

8% ~ 25%

Referral Bonus









History Timeline

Our progress so far: features, integrated exchanges and other milestones.

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  • Feb.2017

    Concept and Develop
    Since 2017, CPlus Create a Trading Concept & develop an A.I Technology.

  • Jun.2017

    Recruitment of Our team
    A 50 Team work of Programing Team start develop & test system on market(63% of profits).

  • Aug.2017

    Added BTCChina live streaming trades
    Cplus was integrated the BTC-CNY pair with the addition of BTCChina to prepare the option page design to handle a lot of trading pairs..

  • Nov.2017

    Added OkCoin live streaming trades
    With OKCoin we can now actually compare the BTC-CNY market properly. They seem to be one of the biggest CNY exchanges and they have good reviews from their users. They also had a relatively easy to integrate API.

  • Jan.2018

    First version of A.I Trade Technogy
    After we added the recent exchanges, we realized we need a page where we can see individual exchange information for testing and SEO. We have just finished the Exchnage page and realized.

  • May.2018

    Added Coinbase live streaming trades
    Coinbase is one of our favorite exchanges because you can easily buy with your card. They charge a 2% fee but for 2% i'm more than happy to be able to buy BTC in less than 10 seconds.

  • Nov.2018

    Second version of the A.I Trade Tech
    New version of the A.I Trade tech launched. We now have the Trading Fund Recovery integrated on the Trading Market page.

  • July.2019

    Nasdaq, VanEck, MVIS and Cplus option partnership
    Cplus option has partnered with Nasdaq and VanEck’s subsidiary MVIS (MV Index Solutions) to provide data for a series of futures contracts. Designed to track the digital asset market, Nasdaq is expected to launch regulated and surveilled bitcoin futures in Q1 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A

January 29, 2018

How Can I Purchase C+ Trading Coin ?

You can Puchase C+ Tading Coin at your patner panel & directly transfer from your BTC address to an assigned address.

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January 29, 2018

How Can I Withdraw & How Long Time I Can Receive My Dividend ?

The System will be automatically process your withdrawal upon request within 24 hours or as fast as within 2 hours at the same days depends on various factors.

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January 29, 2018

How Can I Re-invest in My Trading Account ?

Yes, It just 2 Step Only , You Can Exchange your DB Wallet, AIRF Wallet or RF Wallet to your C+Coin Wallet & Transfer to your Trading Account.

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January 29, 2018

How Can I Order Customer Service to Manage My Trading Account ?

Yes, you can direct chat or calling our customer service at ( 09:00am ~ 05:00pm Mon ~ Sat ) to provoce to you any trading , Top up , withdraw or transfer in your partner panel, that is no fee.

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